Audience Building for Writers Handouts


- Blog ideas worksheets

- Design, domain purchase, plug in recommendations & hosting option sheets

- A personal website cheat sheet

- The exact 6-email “nurturing sequence” I created to “warm up” my newsletter list as well as a worksheet for you to create your own

- The ultimate guide to blowing up on in order to attract newsletter subscribers

- Email examples of how NOT to pitch yourself

- The email that got me quoted in numerous publications

- “How to get booked” cheat sheets

- The “Facebook Likes Campaign that Works” cheat sheet

- The “How to Share from Other People’s Facebook Pages” tip sheet

- A guide to BeLive.TV (the most effective 3rd party site for doing Facebook Live interviews)

- Sample email to send the people you interview

- The ultimate “How to do Instagram Stories” guide

- A hashtags cheat sheet

- The book release countdown worksheet (what to do 60 days/30 days/3 days before your release as well as what to do release day and week and thereafter)

- The perfect Advanced Reader team newsletter sequence

- The ineffective/effective blurb request sheet

- Book blogs to pitch